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Everything that includes construction, we have a solution for every need.


Building Construction

All gray work.

Foundation Works

Preparation and soils.

Disassembly and Hauling

Everything that includes Materials.

Site Management

Field Management.

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Concrete House

Wooden house


Shopping Center Square

Apartment Building

Commercial Building

Office Building

Resort Hotel 





Concrete Streets

Cobblestone Streets

Plans Design


Street Court

Heavy Equipment

Joinery Workshop

Doors and Windows Manufacturing

All kinds of Projects

All kinds of houses, road construction, office buildings, commercial buildings, condominiums, Hotel Resort, drawing up plans, warehouse construction, shopping malls, engineering service, door and window manufacturing, cabinet making workshop and much more.

The quality management of work or construction projects is a fundamental factor to avoid defects in the final product, which result in: the need for repetitions, breakdowns, accidents and all kinds of anomalies that, ultimately, end up negatively influencing the end result and customer experience.

Years of Work


Our Work

Tenisha House

Wooden structure with concrete column located in Jose Santos Guardiola made in 2021

Huapiles House

Location in Coral View Concrete structure with stone plated columns 2nd levels with parking with swimming pool made in 2019

Jennifer House

Located in Parra Tree ROATAN,  Concrete structure with clay tile with swimming pool garage with electric gate and parking has a palapa made in 2018

More than 12 years building

Many years of construction work and all the experience gained are our guarantee of the quality of what we do. We work on a wide variety of projects with all kinds of solutions to satisfy every construction need.

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Let’s build together!

Quality and efficiency must go together. A project must be done in the parameters that are outlined from the beginning to comply with the established steps.

What construction system will be used for my house?

The construction system is the way a house is built, each material has a way to be built. So that’s something we’ll know when designing your project.

Why are building permits and inspections required?

To ensure that all structures or work performed meet the standards established by the codes adopted by the state. These codes were created establishing minimum life and safety standards for the construction of a project. The permitting and inspection process ensures that codes are followed and that your building or home is safe.

How important is a plan for construction?

Through the plan of the house you will be able to see in detail all the characteristics, it clearly specifies and completes each and every one of the elements of your house, both in the distribution of spaces and essential characteristics.

What materials are used to build a house on the coast?
  • Timber. One of the most traditional ways of building is using wood, its durability and resistance to beach conditions make it an ideal candidate for the construction of houses.
  • The concrete.
  • The metal.
How important is the foundation of a house?

A good foundation can improve the bearing capacity of the soil. It makes the building or house stand straight throughout its useful life (non-inclined position). Provides the proper level to the building structure. It also provides delimitation between the structure and the ground surface.


“The way G Coast kept up with the times. It was very important for us since we had a period in which we needed our project ready. It is an efficient builder”

Michael Smith

“The attention to details in every aspect of the construction of our house, top quality workmanship and the way in which deadlines are met, was very important to me.”

John Williams

“Having a construction company that does the whole process was very important to me. From the foundation, roof, doors and windows, it is a process that G Cost covers completely.”

Charles Miller


Dixon Cove, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras CA

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